Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Weekend ~ Poon's & Mimi's Birthday

 I've been so busy this past week and have neglected to update the blog so I'm a week behind. Last weekend was great because we had a big group lunch at Poon's on Sunday. Aside from the nice food that we expect, we decided to take a photo with "orange slice smiles".
The night before was really special because we got to spend time with the Yamashita-Santos family to celebrate Mimi's birthday and say so-long to Alexa. It was a wonderful bonding moment between Russ and Billy. They played all night long!
 We were happy to meet Alexa's new mother-in-law, Abic. We look forward to the wedding sometime next year after Edward returns from his deployment overseas.
 Mimi is now 16 yrs! We can't believe how much she's grown up.
Billy is a die-hard Disney Car's fan and he showed us how the cars drive really fast. He gives such a fun expression.

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