Friday, March 30, 2012

Visiting Birmingham, UK

 England is famously known for its pubs so we scoured one out called Wellington's which had CAMRA beers (Campaign for Real Ale) Russ had the Mad Moose while I had a half pint of shandy (7up mixed with a light beer).
 The pub had the real tavern feel with paisley printed wall papers, wood tables, leather stools and a long bar full of lots of beers on tap.
 We stayed adjacent to the Bullring, a huge shopping center which is also close to Chinatown.
 England is not so famous for it culinary delights, but we discovered Cafe Soya, just next door to our apartment. We liked the Vietnamese lettuce wraps and pancakes but not so much with the pho, which was a bit bland. The steamed soy, ginger, leek Seabass was very good.
 I think this was St. Philips' church in downtown. We just walked through the area and didn't have a chance to see the interior.
 This odd looking aluminum bubble facade is the Selfridge's department store at the Bullring shopping center. I'll have to go check it out later.
  After Russ' surgery while he's in the hospital, I'm sure I'll have more time to tour the city and find the best food and deals.

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