Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 3 - Progressing brilliantly! TGIF!

Thank God it's Friday and it was not only a Good Friday but a Great Friday! Russ is doing his physio therapy several times per day in bed, standing up, walking down the hall and up & down the stairs.  We're so fortunate to have come here. The service is excellent, the staff friendly and professional and the doctors/PT's  are all amazingly considerate and thoroughly competent. 
This private hospital is the kind of place where we'd all want to be after a major surgery. Did we mention the food? The food here is better than the restaurants we've been to in Birmingham. Yesterday, he was served fish & chips for lunch and salad, lamb, & lemon meringue pie for dinner. And, the waiter wears a proper white shirt, black slacks and black bow tie to serve the meals.

In the UK, a physician goes through medical school, residency, etc. and becomes a MD and referred to as Dr., however, after he/she attains higher degrees, the title changes again from Dr. to Mr.. That's why Mr. Derek McMinn is the physician (or consultant).
I also like the way they describe the OR (operating room).... operating theatre.
Here's Russ' X-ray image with the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) device that Mr. McMinn invented and perfected. He is considered the #1 hip surgeon in the world and works on both hips and knees. He implanted Russ' right hip with the BHR metal device.
Prior to surgery, Russ was in contact with two other patients online through the "surface hippy" chat forum. They all skyped prior to arriving in Birmingham, had the surgery the same day and have all progressed to walking on crutches.  It's nice to hear how this surgery has positively affected their lives in such a short time.
Good luck to Don and Ann on your total recovery!

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