Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guinness Storehouse Tour

We enjoyed the comfort and convenience of the city's Hop On/Hop Off tour bus, which is the double-decker open top coach.  From there, we toured Dublin's historic sites, including the world famous Guinness Storehouse.  On our two hour visit to the venue, we were amazed at the bus loads of visitors stopping to see where Ireland's best brew originated.

There's an entry fee to tour the Storehouse and it's well worth it, much like a great museum. Plus, they give you a coupon for a pint of Guiness to drink afterwards.
The explanation of beer making is clear and easy to understand. They have signage for all the vital ingredients to making the dark chocolate colored beer.
I liked all the various bottles throughout the years in the glass case.

The "sand" below is actual barley which you can scoop up and touch. They explain that the toasted barley gives Guinness that rich, dark color.
Arthur Guinness is the man behind the brew, who started his concoction in the 1770's. We also got to see his house which was close to the storehouse, where he lived with his wife and 21 children! Wow!
All magical portions of making the infamous beer...

The tour took us up three levels around the vats with video explanations in several areas. You can see the map of the storehouse. The shape of it is of a pint. At the fifth floor, we were lucky to experience the tasting portion where they make chocolate, bread, and other food items with Guinness. The Guinness chocolate mousse was delicious.

For lunch, we went to one of the five restaurants which serve Guinness dishes so I had the vegetable stew with mash on top. Mash is mashed potato and they put it on everything here. It included three side salads so I was quite full.

At the end of the tour, we went to the top of the building and there, they serve the pints of Guinness in a "skybar" setting. The views are fantastic from above. Along the glass windows, there were descriptions of the scenery, which made it even better.

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