Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hip Resurfacing Surgery in Birmingham

 We arrived early and checked in at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital on Monday afternoon. After several tests and meetings with the doctors, Russ received the approval to go out to dinner which was nice. His room is basic but clean and comfortable and much better than the hospital in Saipan. The adjoining bathroom is nearly as big as the bedroom. 
 On Tuesday morning, Russ was all ready for his surgery.
 The nurses wheeled him out in his bed at 1:30pm.
He returned just before 6pm and was hooked to several machines and tubes including the blood pressure machine, oxygen machine, epidural, IV and two drain bottles of blood from his hip. He also had a compression machine for both his calves attached to him and one more tube on the side of his neck. With the anesthesia, he slept for a while but then got up 2 hours later for some light dinner.
This morning, he was off the epidural drip and on morphine to dumb the pain. On his first try to stand, he was just dizzy and felt nauseous.  Later, in the afternoon, his physio therapist, Jason, returned and Russ got up, did a few weight shifting drills and sat back down on the bed.
In the afternoon, Russ learned to walk with the walker and Jason was quite happy to see the rapid improvement. Russ no longer felt dizzy and walked around the room and out the corridor.
By evening, he was walking down the corridor even further and felt much better with less pain/tension in his legs. Yea!!
Today, I worked on my PIC month end report, updated the blog and joined Russ for lunch and dinner.  I walked down to the nearby Harborne town to the Marks & Spencer market to buy ready-made salads, fresh fruit and yogurt.
Tomorrow will be a better day for Russ as he'll likely transition from the walker to crutches.


Sean said...

Glad Russ is doing so well.

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