Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hospital or Hotel?

 Lisa asked on facebook if Russ was staying in a hospital or a hotel after seeing the photo of having his lunch served by a nicely dressed waiter.  Well... it's a bit of both. The BMI Edgbaston Hospital is a private facility with fewer beds than a typical US hospital. The staff are all incredibly well trained, courteous, caring, amiable and engaging. Everyone is professional, kind and service-oriented, much like a very good hotel.  The nurses are so wonderful, in fact, Elsa, gave me a lift to my new hotel last night since it was 9pm and too far for me to walk (25 minutes). I sincerely appreciated her effort to help.

Russ is free to be discharged at any time since he's doing so well, but we figured that it's better that he stay here until Monday morning because:
1) The service is much better than any hotel here
2) The food is much better than any restaurant in the area
3) The bedroom and bathroom are all accessible for disabled persons, making it easy for Russ to get around.
4) He pushes a button and the nurses come straight away
5) His room is larger than my hotel room. his bathroom alone is as big as my hotel room.
6) We've already paid for a week's stay, however, this is the least of our concern. If we were anywhere else, we would be asking the doctors to let us go early. Here, we ask to stay longer.
7) It's safe, clean and comfortable!

In the photo below, you can see Russ wearing two different colored stockings. He wears the green compression socks on both legs and the nude colored stockings on the operated leg which goes up all the way to the hip and ties around his waist. Due to considerable swelling, the compression stockings aid in circulation and the prevention of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). He will need to wear the stockings for 6 weeks.
 Since Monday night, I've been on my own and haven't done a whole lot, except go into the city centre a couple of times and then walk around the adjacent town of Harborne daily to buy meals. Since I had to transfer hotels to one that's further away last night, my commute is 25 minutes by foot. It's fine walking here in daylight but it's too far to walk at night alone, especially because the temperature is very cold ~ about 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit. Visiting hours are regularly from 11am-9pm, but I come whenever and everyone knows me. I buy my lunches and dinners at the Marks & Spencer store and eat my meals with Russ as he gets served nice, hot meals.  Luckily, he shares his desserts and leftovers with me. 

The nurses and F&B staff serve me tea as well and I am now an English tea fan. I have about 4 cups a day.  I also do my regular work, update this blog, read books, watch TV (we like Bear Grylls & The Masters) and and do stretches in the room. It's nice to rest and unwind and have this precious time to do little. 

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