Wednesday, April 18, 2012

London Calling

 After our visit to North Yorkshire, we completed our stay with a few days in London. We took a train to Birmingham and then another one to London so it was a long day of travels.  We stayed at the Hilton near the Tower of London and the Concierge recommended a nice Italian restaurant nearby called Carvaggio's where we enjoyed a very nice meal. The portobello mushrooms were topped with smoked cheese and accompanied by rocket, sundried tomato and pesto.... a great combo.
 On Saturday, we headed to Windsor to visit our XTERRA friends, Sam, Susan and their new daughter, Abigail, who we nicknamed the Abster. She slept the entire day.
 Windsor is home to the Windsor Castle where the Queen resides part of the time. It's a huge castle and a popular tourist destination.
 After touring the Windsor area, we went to Sam & Susan's home nearby to relax and watch the preparations for the Grand National horse racing.
 Here's Abigail looking mighty cute, all bundled up! She's an XTERRA baby, born on 3/24, so this year, Sam wasn't able to compete in the Saipan race. We hope to see them all for the Hell of the Marianas in December.
 That evening, we went to El Pirata, the Spanish tapas restaurant that Paul highly recommended. It was fantastic! There were lots of dishes, each tasty and enjoyable.
 And, we had dinner with David! He's in London visiting family and we all had a great evening.
 Russ was doing better each day, walking more and more, although he got quite tired in the evenings, especially after the pain meds ceased. In the next few weeks, he should be walking without as much pain.

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