Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Sights & Sounds of Dublin

 On Saturday, we continued with our tour and found a protest of a few thousand marching down O'Connell Street. There is something about Ireland and protests/riots.  In fact, every night we were walking back to our hotel, we saw an arrest of a drunk and/or unruly guy.
 This street artist was creating his sand art on Grafton Street on Saturday afternoon. It was quite clever... something we should do at PIC's beach for our tourists!
 This statue/man was the best one we saw with his makeup and pigeons. Russ took a photo of me with him but it's on his camera. There was one other guy in a white robe costume with half-made makeup just down the street. This guy outshone everyone.
 We enjoyed the live Irish music at the Temple Bar district.
 We did have traditional fish n chips at the infamous Leo Burdocks that night. I'm not a huge fish n chips fan, but it was OK.

The spire was built for the millennium, but was not completed until 3 years later in 2003. It's 150 meters high and is placed near the center of O'Connell Street.
 We saw two Quinn venues. The first was Quinn Pub, but we didn't get to take a photo of it. And the second was SuperQuinn, the supermarket.
Russ thoroughly enjoyed his Guinness draught beer in Dublin. I even thought it was OK.

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