Thursday, April 5, 2012

St. Patrick's Cathedral

A stop on the hop-on/hop-off bus tour was a visit to St. Patrick's Cathedral. The gardens surrounding the church was nicely landscaped.

It's structure looked gothic from the exterior.
I admired the flower beds with all its bright colors.
We watched a cute dog racing around the fountain. He never fell in.
This flower bed was so beautifully groomed with blues on the outside and purple and red flowers on the inside.
The gardens also had eight arches, each dedicated to a famous Dubliner. This was for James Joyce, the famous novelist.

The interior was quite ornate with statues, vast columns and stained glass windows.
We always marvel at the cathedrals in Europe. They're incredibly expansive and gorgeously decorated.
We timed our visit right and listened to the Oak Hills High School Choir from Chicago.
There was a dedication plaque for the Irish Guards for those who served in WWI & WWII.
I wasn't familiar with the history of Ireland and their part in the China War, back in 1840-1842.
St. Patrick's Cathedral is also a must visit in Dublin!

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