Friday, May 11, 2012

38 days post surgery

Today is a day to celebrate!  It's 38 days post-surgery and this morning was the last time to wear the heavy compression stockings.  He had two sets and yes, he wore them day and night and only took them off to shower. I cleaned them daily and help him put them on for the last 31 days.

His incision is healing nicely as he applies Dr. Lamar's nut oil and Russ continues to dutifully complete his exercises daily plus walks outdoors and on the treadmill to strengthen his hip.

Last week, he got off the one crutch and purchased hiking sticks and uses one on the opposite side of the hip, just to help him balance if something happens.  Russ is feeling great and improving quickly! This weekend, he plans to start swimming for phase two of his recovery plan.
He's supposed to be on the walking stick for the 2nd month but he may stop using them shortly. What a rebel.

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