Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goodbye, Europe.

 From London, we traveled back to Birmingham for the last hospital appointment to remove Russ' 26 staples from his incision. While the nurse was removing the staples, she asked why Russ didn't wait a couple more days and get them removed at home. he just told her that Saipan's hospital would unlikely have the staple removing instrument, so it was safer to get it done in England.  After the staples were removed, we went to the 3rd floor to retrieve our one piece of luggage that we left there for the week. There, the staple remover nurse rushed in and wanted to check that she removed each and every staple. After hearing that Saipan wouldn't have the instrument, she got a little nervous. She removed the bandages and checked one last time. Russ joked that maybe she wanted to see his butt once more. For our last night in England, we moved to the airport hotel so that we can be there for the 9:20am flight.  Our Etap hotel was basic with no restaurant so we went to the hotel next door for a simple dinner.

The Lufthansa plane above was the one we rode from Frankfurt to Tokyo. It's a new Airbus A-380, the double decker with 1st class and business on the 2nd floor. Each seat has an incredible selection of entertainment with a couple hundred TV/movie/game/news channels.  After our 10.5 hour flight, we wanted a bit more time to watch the rest of the movies. I got to watch, "Iron Lady", "The Artist", to name a few.

I forgot I took this short clip when we were with Paul and Jayne, driving back from Whitby to West Whitton. There are a few roadways like this where cars can drive through the creeks.

From Tokyo, we caught the Delta flight to Saipan and arrived on time. It was nice to be home and we got nice tail wags from Butty & Harley.

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