Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hana Travel Show in Seoul

This past weekend, I attended the Hana Travel Fair in Seoul at the KINTEX exhibition hall near Ilsan, about an hour's drive from Seoul. On Friday, the booths weren't ready as the contractor had allegedly swindled the money and run. Hana Tour officials were stuck with unfinished booths on Friday and had to scramble to get them ready by Saturday morning. Some of the booth holders were so upset that they simply left the show entirely.  We were fortunate that our booth and Sharing Seeds Classroom area were finished by Saturday when the Clubmates were scheduled to play games and teach the Sharing Seeds English class. 
 From Saipan, Pavel and Lucie were the instructors and from Guam, Mac, Ryann and Shin joined the show. The kids enjoyed learning and playing in English with our skilled Clubmates and Siheky, the kingfisher mascot.
 PIC still remains a popular brand in Korea. Mr. Choi, the President of Hana Tour came around to the booths on Saturday afternoon to apologize for the construction mishap. I was impressed how our Clubmates can command attention with lots of enthusiasm and encouragement. PIC was the only company specifically catering to the family market.

 Soyeon (Sally) was our Sales & Marketing intern 4 years ago and is now in charge of the Japanese market at the Westin Chosun Seoul. She has matured considerably and lives a busy but happy life. She was especially happy to tell us that she'll be getting married in the fall. It's always great to see our wonderful interns grow in their professions and personal lives. I feel like a proud parent!  We look forward to meeting Sally's future husband! 

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