Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's see you later, not goodbye

We traveled to Guam last weekend to see our good friends, the Cramer's and say "see you later" to Wendi & Lexi. They'll soon be relocating to the mainland so the next time we see them, we'll likely be in Reno. On Saturday, we were able to visit Grow Guam's hydroponic farm where they grow several varieties of delicious lettuce.
 We were really impressed with the beautiful leaves of green butter, red butter and arugula. They tasted better than anything sold in Saipan, of course.
 Saturday afternoon/evening was Wendi's going away party hosted by Ben & Rosie Ferguson. There, we were able to reminisce about the good ol' days of PIC.  Freddie is now SEA Director and took Jon's position just last month. He's been with PIC for 25 years now!

 We're really going to miss Wendi. She has not only been my mentor, but one of our best friends. We met at PIC Phuket in 1991 and have remained better friends ever since. She stood beside us at my wedding and we stood at her's. As Wendi and her family enter a new chapter in their lives in the states, we pray that they find joy, comfort and peace in their new home.
 Freddie is a legend at PIC Guam. He knows so many repeater guests who have visited in the last 25 years. He's also Harley's grandfather as his daughter, Faye, owns Harley's mom.
 When we arrived on Friday night, we went over to Wendi's and had pizza, wine, fois gras (straight from Fortnum & Mason in London), ice cream and beer. Yummy!

 These kids are getting so big! We remember them as babies and now they're teenagers!
Wow - how time flies!

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