Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day in Guam

 On Mother's Day, we went on a hike to Marbo Caves with the Cramer's and Herring-Lee-Sang's. It was like the old days in Saipan where we would just hang out during the weekends. The only disappointing part of the hike was seeing so much litter in the jungle.
 Russ used his walking stick to walk the trail to see the eastern part of Guam.
 It was a great Mother's Day as we got to celebrate with our "family". Here's Yoshie with Misaki (14 yr) and Minami (8 yr).
 We will surely miss Wendi & Lexi (12 yr). They'll be in Reno next week.
 I'm so proud to be their Godmother. All three kids are athletic and smart.. straight A's!!  Misaki plays volleyball, soccer, golf, baseball and surfs. Lexi is a level 6 gymnast and also surfs while Minami plays soccer, hula dances and surfs.
 After the hike, we went to lunch at Jeff Pirate's Cove where they serve hamburgers, falafels and gyros. It was a great way to celebrate the day!

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