Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our First Pineapple Harvest

 It's taken 3 years, but we finally have our first pineapple crop in our front yard. We cut off the tops of the old pineapples, soaked them in water for a few days and then planted them in the ground. They're supposed to fruit in 1.5 years but I guess ours are a bit slow.
 Out of the four, this is the largest. The pineapples grow above the tops that we chopped off and planted. For a couple years, we just had the big leaves growing larger and suddenly, the baby pineapples emerged!
 This one is redder in color so I don't know if it was of a different variety.
Here's the view from above where you can see the new one grow on top of the other. I hope they taste good! We also planted a mango tree near the lemongrass. It may take another three years for the mangoes to fruit. Our banana trees have yet to fruit but, we're still waiting.

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