Friday, May 11, 2012

PIC S&M/RSVN Team & Yosh's Birthday

 Last Friday, the Sales & Marketing / Reservations team enjoyed samgyetang, the Korean chicken soup at a nearby restaurant, called IMF. I believe the restaurant was named after International Monetary Fund when the Korean won was devalued heavily 15 yrs ago. This restaurant is located just off Beach Road, near the new Sandy Beach condos. It's quite popular among the local Korean community. The chicken soup is fantastic as well. 

Since March, we've grown as we have four new faces in our team. Paul (2nd right from the back) is our new Web Marketing Manager, Anna (behind me) is the new Russian Market Manager, Katelyn (2nd right from the front) is our new Korean intern from Sejong University and Jay-R (third right from the front) is our new Reservations staff.

 On Saturday, we went to Pau Pau Beach to celebrate two occasions: Yosh's birthday and the Montgomery's going away party. The waters were calm that day and we enjoyed great food (Mexican), friends and views. 
 It's baby season in Saipan! There were several babies born in the last year:
From left to right: Ken and his older daughter, Shyla (age 2); 
Shimiko and her 6 month old son, Mosi; 
Crystal (Ken's wife) and 7 week old daughter, Eva; 
Yosh & Nikki with their 9 month old, Hannah (our god-daughter);
and Jackie with her 6 month son, James
Weekends in Saipan are enjoyable, just picnic-ing at the beach with good friends.

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