Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wine & Dine at Hyatt

 Look who we ran into last night at the Hyatt wine dinner? Kato san! It's always great seeing her as she reminds me of my childhood. Kato san has known me for 33 years now and she still sees me as a kid, but that's OK because it makes us both feel young.
 Kato san says that she'll be visiting LA next month so maybe we'll be there, too!

The special Hyatt dinner was a Roasts, Reds & Rendezvous evening which paired food with different types of wine. The first course was a nice salad dish with a small portion of oxtail with a parmesan crisp.
Our table was lively with Tim & Tina, Mike & Betty and Branden & Lee (newcomers to Saipan from Redondo Beach). What a small world.
 The second course was a beef wonton with shiitake mushrooms in a delicate broth.
 The third course was my favorite: orange roughy on top of risotto, which was paired with my favorite wine of the night, a Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay.
 Tina liked the Coffee Patron.. I didn't know they mixed coffee liqueur and tequila together.
 The main course was stake with roasted peppers, asparagus with pesto sauce.
 For dessert, I didn't really know what the cream thing was in the middle but I liked the poached pears, blueberries and flaky cookie.

 Executive Chef Gabriel Colombo then introduced his chefs for the evening. Although the room temperature was quite warm, the music was nice and the company even better.
 At the table below, Angela, Joyce, Norma and Jolene were hanging out, enjoying the evening as well. It was great to start the long weekend with an extravagant meal.

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