Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day

 We celebrated Father's Day with our friends who are fathers. In the afternoon, we went to Jun & Linda's house where they had lots of kids and family members with a fantastic BBQ ~ lobster, ribs, chicken, crab and lots more. It was a feast!
 The adults watched the kids go down the slip 'n slide, which provided ample entertainment.
 This is Joshua, 5 years old, going for the dive slide.
 We'd like to thank Jun & Linda for inviting us to their family gathering. Thanks also for the coconuts and mangoes! Yes, I love fruit!
 Earlier in the afternoon, we visited the Owens' and saw Kanoa. He's 5.5 months now and as cute as ever.
 I love this photo because Uncle Russ and Kanoa both look surprised.
We started Father's Day morning with a walk with our three amigos: Butty, Harley and Bo. We walked the Naftan Trail again and all the dogs enjoyed the hike.

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