Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Week of TR

 My first week of TR (temporary retirement) was fantastic and eventful!  Last Saturday, Russ and I enjoyed a nice bike ride up north with the Goodwin's and Heather, followed by a leisurely Coffee Care brunch.
 It was a gorgeous day with a few clouds as we stopped for a short break at the Suicide Cliff lookout.
 The flametrees were still in full bloom.
 That night, we went to two graduation parties, and settled comfortably at the Pangelinan's where their two daughters graduated: Maia from Elementary and Kristen from High School. There, we sat with our wonderful ME family: Carol. Boni, Carol's two sons, Eric, Hope and Peyton.
 Last Sunday, we went on a hike with the three amigos to Naftan Point through the single track. The dogs loved being out on the trail, sniffing the different scents and following us on the paths.
 On Sunday afternoon, we went down to the Hyatt beach to relax with friends. The group played a few games of liar's dice and backgammon until well past midnight.
 The ladies chatted and watched the sunset.
 Throughout the week, I caught up with friends for lunch, cleaned and organized the kitchen, living and dining rooms, biked two mornings, worked out at Gold's, shopped and took a nap on Friday afternoon.
On Friday night, we went to Hope Gomez's fundraiser for the Junior Statesman program at Stanford at the Naked Fish. Dr. Khorram (Russ' boss) performed stand-up comedy for the first time ever. He did a great job and entertained the sold-out crowd for half an hour.
Jay Sanchez was the headliner who was very witty and entertaining. He focused his act on local Saipan culture with emphasis on 80's music which felt quite nostalgic.
On Sunday afternoon, I went mountain biking again with Russ, Heather and Doug followed by Coffee Care and then met Elly for lunch on the beach at Marianas Resort.  She suddenly spotted a cat carrying her little kitten in her mouth. She brought her baby to a small cave, most likely for protection.

Now that Elly works at Trekking, she can enjoy nice beachfront views like this. We had a quiet picnic and just sat and talked for two hours. Who knew that we would both be PIC-free at this time? While we both really loved working at PIC together, we realized that it's different now and can reminisce about all the fun moments we shared.

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TR life looks good!