Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Canine Companions

 Since we don't have kids, our dogs are our "family" members. Butty (left) is an unexpectedly great watchdog that barks at everyone.  Although he can be annoying when he chases cars, he wanders around our property at night barking at any strange sounds.  You can hear both dogs walking around anytime with their Swiss cowbells. Earlier this week, I mistakenly ran over his left leg in the Prius, which is very quiet. I didn't see him as he must have been under the car but luckily, he only got a scratch on his leg. Butty is a true survivor. In this photo, Butty and Harley wait patiently for their evening treat, their cookies.
 I went over to the Auther's home on Monday and saw Dixie, their dog that Russ rescued from the Hyatt several years ago. Dixie still remembers us and gets excited when she sees Russ or me. She's a great watchdog as well and she may need a new home shortly as well.
 On Memorial Day, we took Harley for a walk down to Lau Lau beach where she got to swim and rub herself on the sand.
 Our newest family member is Bo. The Jewell's moved back to Kansas yesterday and so he moved down the street to our home. Bo is about 12 yrs and still enjoys walking and playing. He's also a good watchdog.  We've known Bo since he was a pup and we are now his 5th owner. His full name is Bo Carlson MacKay Samoyloff Jewell Quinn.
 We got all three dogs together yesterday morning for a family photo. They're all wonderful dogs and have distinctive personalities.

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