Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekend with Vicki

 Our good friend, Vicki, came over from Guam, where she was working the past week, to visit us in Saipan. She first worked with us at PIC over 16 years ago and we've remained best friends ever since. On Saturday morning, we went to Shenanigan's for breakfast, pedicures at American nail, visited Bill Owen's place where there was a volleyball tournament, lunch at Misoya (we recommend the miso ramen), workout at Gold's and finally dinner and drinks at Abyss & Godfather's. We sure know how to take advantage of a full day!
 On Sunday morning, we went mountain biking, starting at Marianas Trekking. We went up FEBC to Suicide Cliff, where there's a new historical landmark sign in 4 languages: English, Japanese, Chamorro & Carolinian. It allows residents and visitors to visualize the area back in 1945, nearly 70 years ago.

One of my favorite scenic rides is going down Suicide Cliff where you can see the lagoon's turquoise waters along the northern coastline along with Managaha Island. Throughout our ride, we saw very few vehicles so Saipan remains an untouched biking destination with impressive trails and breathtaking vistas.
Next, we rode down to Bird Island, a popular lookout point.
We then rode to the Grotto, Santa Claus Lane, Cowtown-Banzai trail. Here is a photo of us at Banzai.
We rode for over an hour and a half and then drove back to the Grotto to go swimming in the cool, refreshing waters. We swam out to the left cave where the light magnifies the intense blue waters.
After a quick shower and change, we went to the Hyatt for their infamous Sunday Brunch with Nikki & Hannah.  Here, Russ is showing Vicki a photo on his cell phone.
Hannah is our Goddaughter. She is so sweet and doesn't mind me picking her up as long as she's eaten.
Hannah looks unmistakably like her father, Yosh. I'm sure she's just as smart as him.
After brunch, we fell into a food coma and napped. We also decided to give have Aunt Vicki adopt Butty as her Goddog. His new official name is Butty Lynne Quinn.
Thanks, Vicki, for a wonderful time! You are welcome to visit us anytime!

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