Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Time at the Shimizu's

 The major reason we came to California at this time was to have shoulder surgery in LA. I went to the same surgeon who repaired my ACL last August. He reattached my labrum to the bone with anchors as it was completely detached. This is what caused my constant, spontaneous dislocations. He informed Russ that I will need to keep it steady, in a sling for a month. The surgery itself took about an hour and we left about 3 hours later. I was familiar with the system from last year and all went well.
 Naomi, Ed and the kids drove down from San Francisco to stay the weekend so that we would all be together. I can't remember a time when we did this before so it was nice. Mama- san as Russ calls her, made a fantastic dinner on Saturday night of crab and beef korroke (croquettes). It's everyone's favorite!
 Kiely is always the entertainer. She brought out the bongo drums during dinner.
 Afterwards, we took a stroll to the club as the girls wanted to hit some golf balls. It was nice for me to get out and walk around instead of just sleeping all day. The drugs kept me real drowsy.
 Kiely had a few god shots when she managed to keep her head down.
 Mia did well, working on her irons.
 In the daytime, the family went to the pool to escape the hot temperatures.
 Russ really enjoyed playing with the girls in the pool.

 After Sunday brunch, we posed for a family photo.

 It looks like Russ got a back massage from Kiely. It doesn't look like he enjoyed it.
 We played a fun game on the last night where we placed a word on a sheet a paper and taped it to our heads. We each had to guess what that word was. It was either a person, place or thing. Mine was "lips". Russ - "duck", Kiely - "Lady Gaga" and Mia - "oatmeal". We could ask questions for clues to the word but would only get "yes" or "no" answers. It kept all of us entertained for an hour.
 For a change, we went out to dinner at Arturo's Grill. They had interesting decor and elevator music from the 1950's & 60's.  The food was fine but the place looked a bit odd.
 I had the fish taco, chips, salsa & guacamole.
It was great having the entire family together, which is a very rare occasion.

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