Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Narita Layover

 With our 7 hour layover at Narita Airport last week, we ventured out of the airport to one of our favorite temples in Narita City. It's a short, 10 minute train ride and the walk to the temple is easy. There are lots of small stores and restaurants in the area, but the 新勝寺(Shinsho-ji) temple is the feature attraction.
 I like the serene, peaceful and green environment which comprises the temple grounds.

 The temperature was ideal ~ about 75 degrees with low humidity.
 I took this photo because I liked how the green ivy grew onto the stone.
 Look closely, and you'll see a dozen turtles resting on top of this turtle shaped rock island.

  These looked liked dressed up buddhas.
 On the streets in Narita city, we spotted an elderly man who was dressed uniquely. We saw him again at the train station. He was sporting a construction hard hat with a tassle and wore a JFA league shirt, backpack, more tassles, gloves two pairs of shorts and long knee socks.
 What an outfit!

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