Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rest & Recovery

I think I've finally learned how to completely rest and relax. For the first 3 weeks of our holiday/medical leave, we were on the go visiting with family & friends and making trips to LA for doctor visits. The weekend of the surgery, Naomi and her family came down so it was quite lively and fun to have everyone around.  And now, for the last week since Russ left, I've been alone with the parents and it's been quiet.
I sleep in and don't do a whole lot which is great.  I'm now a fan of the "Live with Kelly" show at 9am and "The Doctor Oz Show" at 3pm. I also watch HGTV and the Food Network at night time. One of my rituals is taking an evening walk after dinner and I shot these photos yesterday.
 The sun was setting as I embarked on my evening walk around the neighborhood. The distant horizon was yellow, orange, pink and purple.
 In the desert, the best time to go outdoors is either early morning or evening, just like in Saipan. The golf course's sprinklers go on each evening to mist the fairways and greens.  Last year, I played this course 4 times before my knee surgery. I'll have to wait until next time to play again.
 On my walks, I pass by the tennis courts and the fragrant rosemary bushes. Rosemary bushes are everywhere and I think it's a great plant for the garden.
There are also lots of cotton tail bunnies on the course at night. I see about a dozen of them and they just hop around. I also encountered a skunk last night near the driving range.

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