Thursday, July 12, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Ed & Naomi took us to the Giants game a few weeks ago and it was so much fun!

 Giants Stadium is one of the best ball parks in the nation, located right on the water with scenic views of the city.
 We had pizza for lunch and walked to the ball park.
 At the July 1st game, the Giants honored the 2002 team. Barry Bonds in a more slimmer body, was there. The last game we saw there was when he hit his 63rd home run.
 The opening ceremony highlighted all of the 2002 team members as well as their coach, Dusty Baker.
 Ed secured fantastic seats for us, between home and first base.
 I wore the wrong colored shirt as the Giants were playing the Reds that day.
 Kiely managed to get the black makeup all over her face, but she still looked darn cute.
 A view from our great seats!
 Thank you, Ed & Naomi, for organizing this great day for us!
 Later, I changed into the Giants jersey to cheer for our team.
 Blue cotton candy tongues.
 I'm not a huge baseball fan, but this was an exciting game. The pitcher for the Reds threw the ball and hit one of the Giants batters so both teams almost got into a fight. The game was close but at the bottom of the 9th inning, the Giants scored two runs to beat the Reds, 4-3.
 The ballpark was packed and nearly every seat was full.
 I didn't know it until later but the giant coke bottle is a slide for the kids. How fun!
 Immediately following the game, the stadium lets the "Kids Run the Bases" so we exited and entered again through a different entrance where Mia and Kiely ran around with the thousands of others.
What a memorable, fun afternoon at Giants stadium!

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