Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visiting P.V., My Old Hometown

We hadn't been back to P.V. (Palos Verdes) in years and it was great being there at the same time as my best friend from childhood, Dona. Her parents live in the same house where we played and choreographed our dance routines so it was nostalgic going back for a visit.

 It was our first time meeting Clemmie, Dona's daughter who is 5 and 3/4. She turns 6 on 8/12 so she wanted us to know that she's nearly six. Here she is with her "younger sister" Lisa. 

 Like Dona, she's remarkably smart. I was happy to see that she looks alot like her Grandma, Sandy.
Dona's Dad is a gifted engineer and he spent 3 years building this Japanese tea house in their front yard. He modeled it after one he saw in Ojai, which was copied from an original in Bali.  
 He built every part of the tea house, including the pond which has the "ima" stepping stone, translated to "now" or "the present".
 Each of the rocks in the back were hand set and are not connected by cement or any other adhesive. They simply sit systematically on top of one another. The waterfall has two strengths which trickle down past the Buddha into the pond. The meditation area (wood deck) is protected by the canvas ceiling and white shades as well as the acrylic fence. It's such a piece of art! I'd love one at my house in Saipan!
 Their home hasn't changed much from the exterior. I remember all those days of practicing our drill team routines on the walkway facing the sliding glass doors.
 We also went for a drive south and stopped at the new Point Vicente Lighthouse visitors center. My grade school was called Point Vicente.
 From the lookout, you can see the sea lions resting on the rock. It was a cloudy, rainy day in PV.
 Dona and I were actually the same height when we were 13 yrs old. She continued to grow taller and I stayed the same. True friendships are great and it felt like we just saw each other a week ago.
 Dona and sweet daughter, Clemmie.

 On the bluffs, we saw this interesting sign. The small writing says "Don't even think about it!" so Russ had to think about it. Funny guy! He continues to make me laugh each and every day.
 The visitors center isn't large but it's educational with a huge whale hanging from the ceiling and the kelp forest panel.
 The reconstructed whale skeleton was impressive as well.

 As we drove a bit further south, we stopped at the new Terranea Resort, located on the old Marineland property. I spent many weekends at Marineland (similar to Sea World) during my youth, watching all the live killer whale, dolphin shows and eating belgium waffles with whipped cream.
 They built a huge resort with villas, pools, conference rooms, 9 hole golf course, etc. and it's doing very well with it's pristine location and address.
What a lot of visitors don't know is that the area is on a landslide, falling into the ocean. On the same road from Terranea to the Trump National Golf Links is the "rollercoaster" road which changes every month with the erosion. Houses that were on one side of the street move to the other side.
 I'd like to stay here someday and play golf at both courses.
 The resort has a Spanish/Italian feel to it. The grounds are beautiful and it's secluded from any other resort so it's a great Southern California getaway.
Our favorite part of the visit was just spending time with Dona, Clemmie, Don & Sandy. We look forward to another visit someday. Thank you very much for your gracious hospitality!

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