Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Impromptu Taco Night

 On Saturday afternoon, we called some friends and decided to host a taco night at our house.  Only on Saipan can you call your friends at 1pm and have them come over at 6pm for dinner and games. I forgot to take photos of the tacos, but we had grilled beef & chicken, beans, fish with all the condiments plus dessert.
The kids played Wii and then joined in the game of Liar's Dice.
 We may have had more kids than adults but we all had a fun time together.
I got a good photo of Dylan, aka "Yellow Snow" (his Niseko radio handle). He and his family just returned from 5 weeks in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam on a adventure trip!  We hope they'll join us in Niseko this winter at the Pension Kanon.

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