Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Evening in the Desert

 Although I've been home for 10 days now, I didn't download any photos and I found these of my last night in the desert. I took evening walks around the golf course and usually witnessed some spectacular sunsets like this one.  I could predict the timing of the sprinklers on certain holes so I walked around them and tried to stay away from the last golfers of the day.
 In any place whether it be ocean, mountain, lake, desert or forest, I can appreciate beauty in nature.  Tranquility rests in these areas and that's what makes me feel at peace with nature.  I like how the tall palm trees overshadow the sprawling clubhouse, making it look smaller than it is.
 For my last dinner, Mama made lots of Japanese goodies: broiled eggplant with ginger soy dip, sauteed bean sprouts, spinach and scallops, grilled shishamo, boiled tofu with ginger, scallions & bonito flakes and a glass of homemade umeshoju (plum wine). Mama made it herself last year and it tastes great!

 Finally, we had ume shoga rice (plum ginger rice) with green tea for the final course.
I ate very well when I was at my parents' for two weeks and remarkably, I didn't gain weight. The food was rather healthy and I did take walks daily.  I told my parents that if it were not for my surgery, I would not have had the wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with them.
Thank you, Mama & Papa for the great visit!

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