Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saipan Life

 It's "home sweet home" for our three amigos, Butty, Harley and Bo.  The nice part of being  back in Saipan is to be able to spend time with our dogs.  Butty is a great watchdog and roams around the property barking at birds, cats, dogs and other noises. He's not exactly "best in show" but he's a great companion.
 Harley is the troublemaker but gets away with so much because of her cuteness.  Luckily, she's a better trained dog and has learned to stay within the boundaries of the yard.  She love playing with Butty, too.
 Bo is a charmer. He's in good shape for a 12 yr old and has recently taken a liking to napping on Harley's bed inside the house.  He has only been an outside dog so now, he's realized that being an indoor dog has it's perks.  Bo is the vocal one and talks to us, especially if it's meal or treat time.

 Saipan life includes get together with friends.  Last week, we had an enjoyable dinner at our favorite restaurant, Casa Urashima.  Russ had golfed earlier that day with Tim, John and Brian so we got together that night for a nice dinner.
 We celebrated Hannah Kei's 1st birthday at Pau Pau Beach on Sunday, 12 August. She is our beautiful Goddaughter and has grown up so much in the last year. She can walk and soon will be talking more.
One of our favorite Saipan moments is to go out to Managaha Island before sunset.  At 4pm, the last tourist boat leaves so we're left alone on the island. Jun & Lin invited our Marriage Encounter friends for a nice sunset trip on their boat last Friday.  It only takes 5 minutes from Smiling Cove to Managaha so we just waded in the shallow water and watched the sun set into the sea. 

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This is the life I miss.