Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 Love Languages ~ Acts of Service

 We resumed our Marriage Encounter group with the 5 Love Languages last week and tackled Language #4 ~ Acts of Service.  Wayne & Boni returned from the WWME International Convention and brought us all gifts! Thank you, WB Pangelinan's for your generous gifts. (Giving & Receiving Gifts was love Language #3).
 Wayne & Boni were the first to arrive at our home that evening and we (Jun, Linda, Russ and I) surprised all the couples with an Act of Service. We washed everyone's feet. We had three tubs (soaking, cleaning, rinsing) and a towel at the end for the couples to experience.  While many of us women have had pedicures at the salon, we have never had our friends wash our feet for us and it was a nice, loving gesture.
 JJ really enjoyed having Russ and his older sister washing and wiping his feet. We know that Jesus performed this Act of Service the last night with his disciples and this was mentioned in this particular section so we decided to just do it.  The reaction was fantastic ~ humbling and nurturing at the same time. We have thoroughly enjoyed this new Love Language group with the ME couples. It's something that we'll introduce into the ME community for all Encountered/Steps couples to tackle as a new program this fall.

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Sean said...

In our church we wash one another's feet about four times a year at the same time that we have the Communion service. As a kid growing up, it always seemed like such a hassle, but you've reminded me of the beauty of it.

I think it's awesome that ME is adding this element.