Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Belgium Beer Festival - Part I & II

Roppongi Hills hosted the Belgium Beer Weekend with 77 types of beers and we were there, twice!  After Kawagoe, we took the train to Roppongi station to check it out.  For JPY3100, you get a glass and 10 tokens and each beer/food station required anywhere from 2-4 tokens each.
Not only were there many people, there was also live bands playing throughout the day for entertainment. The outdoor venue was perfect, especially because the weather was nice.
 There were so many types of beers so it was definitely a beer tasting. The Blue Chimay and Achel were good as well as a particular raspberry beer served on the rocks.
 Missing from the photo below was Russ, who wasn't feeling well so he went back to the hotel to get some rest before dinner.
 So, the next morning before Sumo, we went back to the Beer Festival since Russ was feeling much better!
 There were a lot of people at midday as Sunday was the final day of the festival.
  I saw a cute white fluffy dog in a basket, which seems to be a typical mode of transport for small pets in Tokyo.  They get pampered, no doubt.
 Russ and I have never been to Belgium, but it's one place we'd like to visit someday when we return to Europe. Belgium is famous for its beers, waffles and chocolates!
 I didn't try their waffles, fries or ice cream as we already had enough to eat earlier.
  I believe Tim ended up buying a six pack at the show to bring back for our dinner this weekend!
 I just have to say that we had fantastic timing with this special festival as well as the softball and sumo.  Tokyo is full of events and activities so there's no shortage of fun things to do.
 We took this photo because we wanted to show Efrain and Martha's son how cool his parents are!  We couldn't keep up with them!

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