Monday, September 24, 2012

Brunch at Tsukiji!

 Monday was our last group morning so we ventured to Tsukiji for sushi brunch.
 Tina was on a hunt for fresh wasabi and we spotted some in the bins.
 My favorites were the fresh fruit which I just stared at and...
 the crabs!
 Russ saw these huge oysters and decided to have one as a snack.
 We passed several sushi bars, got quite hungry so we stopped at a small shop to taste the delicacies from the sea. Russ had the chef's special (omakase) menu.
 This is also part of Russ' brunch.
 "Sushi Maru" was small and cozy and we all liked our fresh sushi!
 When we finished our meal, we found a queue lined outside the restaurant for lunch.

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