Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinner at Elio's

We dropped off Russ, the Goodwin's and the Camacho's at the Narita Express platform of Shibuya station as they were departing for the airport shortly before 5pm so we had a couple of hours to change and get ready for our special dinner with Vickie and Naoko.
Vickie Green, my dear friend, who started the Run For the Cure Foundation to fight breast cancer in Japan, invited Miwa and me to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in Kojimachi, called Elio's.  We've dined there many times and still yet, I haven't seen a menu. Elio's staff are true professionals and they kindly outline the chef's specials of the day, after pouring us a glass of sparkling wine accompanied by a breadstick with a fresh slice of prosciutto on top so it resembles a flag.  
We all decided on a varied selection of appetizers, which were absolutely fabulous!
The next course was a variety of pastas from risotto with porcini mushrooms to fusili with veal and spaghetti with seafood sauce.  The small portions allowed us to make room for the main course. I had the fish but forgot to take a photo of it.
 The owner, Elio, joined our table.  We were also introduced to Vicki's RFTC Manager, Naoko san, who spoke perfect British English as she was born in London.  Miwa will be volunteering at the next RFTC event at the Tokyo American Club, called a "Beauty Party" for incredible ladies who survived breast cancer.
 Elio's is quite famous in Japan. His famous clientele includes Bvlgari, Armani, Italian soccer stars and he also appeared as a judge on Japan's original Iron Chef.  While we were dining, there was an Italian pro soccer coach there as well.  Elio's cuisine is Southern Italian as he's from Calabria.
 Our waiter, was great. Our fourth course was freshly made gelato mixed with Frangelico (hazelnut liquer) and a special chocolate sauce. The heavenly concoction is mixed tableside.
 The chocolate sauce is made in Milan and our waiter brought it back to serve his guests.
 The final product is amazingly good... creamy, chocolately with a hint of hazelnut sweetness.
 After our long dinner, Miwa chan and I took a cab home to her place.

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