Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gonpachi Dinner

On Saturday night, we walked across the busy Shibuya intersection to Dogenzaka to our PIC reunion dinner.
Shibuya intersection is infamous for its insane busy-ness.
As we walked up the street we saw this "Liz Lisa" cut outs where we just had to stop and take photos.
We're a little silly but since we're tourists, we said, "why not?"
We arrived at the restaurant, Gonpachi, which was located on the 14th floor.
We were joined by my former PIC colleagues, Jim & Hazuki Soback and their adorable kids, Hanon and Rion. They loved playing games with Uncle Russ!
They also got to experience first hand, the "hanging upside down" trick.
Others who also joined us were Hiroko san, Midori san (both former PIC Saipan) and Miwa chan! 
What a fun night!
After a fabulous dinner with so much food, we walked down the street to have drinks at a British pub.  There, I had a nice shandy and Tina liked it, too!

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