Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Day in Japan

 Some things in Japan are just different. Take, for instance, this photo. It may appear that we're at an office or someone's house. Nope. We're at the gas station, waiting for gas to be filled and a car wash.  Inside the lounge, there's a computer for internet, espresso machine, magazines and a flat screen TV with couches and a coffee table. Nice....
 We waited about 15 minutes for the service but it gave us time to call my Mom in California just to say "hello!"  We then picked up Yuki chan at her office in Akasaka and we went to our Italian lunch at Etrushi in Aoyama.
 Yuki chan, Naomi (my sis), Miwa chan and I grew up together in California many, many years ago. We share fond memories of playing tennis and hanging out at the clubhouse while our parents played golf each weekend. After golf, we'd go to each other's home for dinner so we were very close as families.
 Etrushi has a fine dining portion as well as a more casual restaurant upstairs.
 As you can see, we opted for the fine dining with fine table linens, crystal stemware and gorgeous china.
 The simple flower arrangement consisted of two white orchids and a gardenia or white ginger flower.
Our appetizer was a small piece of beef with fresh tomato and orange. Not surprisingly, Japanese portions are smaller than western ones.
The second course was sea scallop covered in dill and kabocha chips.
 I like this photo of the wine with Miwa smiling in the background.
 The pasta course was shrimp fettuccine with fresh parsley and dill. Yummy!
 Katsue san's main course was beef tenderloin with kabocha.
 My main course was fish with a white corn sauce with pesto and rocket. This was delicious!!!
 Dessert was pistachio cheesecake with fresh berries and a vanilla cream sauce.
 Our second dessert which was served with coffee and tea were the assorted biscuits (cookies).
 The restaurant is a beautiful building with bougainvillaea growing on the terraces. It looks Mediterranean and out of place from Tokyo. It's lush greenery is out of character from the normal Japanese architecture.

 After lunch, I caught my airport bus from the New Otani Hotel. At the salon, I saw the "Up setting" engrish sign. Kind of funny!
 Thank you again, Miwa chan, Yuki chan and Katsue san for a lovely lunch! My trip was amazing!
 I took the airport bus and passed by Tokyo harbor which is full of high rises and warehouses.
 There's so much reclaimed land in Tokyo (similar to Hong Kong) that soon, there will no longer be any water, just lots of man-made land sitting on top of the sea.
 My flight back to Saipan was uneventful and I was able to rest a little. My five days in Tokyo were fantastic as it combined lots of entertainment, great food, natural scenery and most importantly, wonderful friends!

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