Sunday, October 14, 2012

Death is a part of life

It's been a while since I've blogged and I know it's because I've procrastinated on posting about death of my pet and our friend's little baby.  Bo, our dog that we adopted in June, was hit by a car on the evening of September 15th on Isa Drive (back island road).  He's a bit deaf and blind and it was raining that night so drivers wouldn't have been able to see him. Bo was a great companion, and he was adored by not only us but his "siblings" ~ Harley & Butty.
 Butty didn't come near us when we were digging Bo's grave the following morning. He was mourning quietly by himself, in pain over the loss of his brother and friend.  It's apparent that dogs have feelings and they have a strong sense of when their owners are sad and distressed.
 Bo lived up the road for the last 7 years with the Jewell's and he was known to wander around the property.  About a week before he passed, Russ caught him walking on Isa Drive which was a bad sign as we knew that he would venture out onto the road again.  He was a fantastic dog who touched so many lives as he lived with five loving families during his 13 years on earth. Dogs are wonderful companions for each other and for humans.
 His grave is on the eastern side of our property and I visit there often. Now, there's an oregano plant that sprouts above and it continues to live in memory of  our dear Bo.
 Unfortunately, I also had to attend a funeral for our friend's infant girl who lived only 6 weeks. She was born on July 13th (the day of my shoulder surgery) and died on September 1st due to heart murmur complications.  Her parents had endured so much and it was heartbreaking to see them go through such a tragedy.  At the service, there was an open casket and I was afraid to go see baby Katrina, but thankfully, she looked surprisingly good with pink, chubby cheeks. She really looked like she was sleeping peacefully.
 I cannot begin to know what it would be like to lose a child, but I have seen how couples who have faith in God, lead them through these traumatic times with grace and love. Katrina's parents are still in pain and grief, but they have an attitude of gratitude towards others and realize that they can go on.
 Death is a natural part of life that no one can evade. I pray that we all have the strength and courage to face the loss of loved ones like Katrina's parents.

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