Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween and a lot of kids (young and old) will dress up and go to a party or trick-or-treating at American Memorial Park or at organized school functions. Last Saturday, we went to Greg & Nicole's house for a pre-Halloween party.

 This is Kanoa's first Halloween and he's dressed as a pumpkin! How cute!
 The Elliott brothers.  Greg looks intentionally hideous in his Joker costume whereas Jeffro looks even worse as a Korean tourists.

 Russ and I dressed up as Chad, from Blaze of Glory and Pocahantas, respectively.  
We ran into Mark & Patty, whom we hadn't seen in months.
 Tyce looked scary with his devil horns which looked frighteningly real.
 Russ in one of Chad's ice skating poses.
 Angie dressed up as a genie. She wore these black balloon pants which she kept since high school. 
 Nicole, looked great in her "painter costume", especially when she blended in with the abstract image.

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Sally said...

Wow, You were having so much fun in Holloween!!! Look great costumes you and Russ had!! ^-^