Friday, November 2, 2012

First Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

 It's already November so we celebrated our first Thanksgiving dinner at the Lemieux's last night. They have such a lovely home and we were happy to indulge in our first turkey meal of the season. By the way, Lynn painted that picture in just two days... what a fantastic artist!
 Lynn & Steve are true entertainers. They have a gorgeous dining room, complete with china, crystal goblets and fine silverware. I am always impressed with their creative flair.
 The decor matched the Thanksgiving fall theme and the room felt cozy.
  Hiroko san made a fabulous Vietnamese shrimp ball appetizer, which she skewered into a carved pineapple. It was an artpiece in itself and very tasty.
 I tried some new recipes for appetizers. The first being crispy prosciutto cups filled with pear with lemon & honey. The second was baked brie topped with dried apricots, cranberries, dates and honey.  It was served with granny apple slices and french bread.
 We both wore purple... I don't know if Russ meant to match my dress but it was nice.
 My personal place setting was gorgeous with my name card, wine glass, sparkling cider goblet and sparkling water goblet. The individual salt & pepper shakers were cute!
 Lynn hired waitstaff again to serve our meal so our first course was a cool, refreshing ginger & longan sorbet to cleanse the palate.
 Lynn's gold-bordered china is so beautiful and elegant.
 At the beginning of dinner, Steve & Lynn expressed their thanks and love to all of us for having this wonderful opportunity to share Thanksgiving together.  Cheers!
 Just behind me was a Thanksgiving themed mantle with corn, kabocha, fall leaves and an apropo rabbit painting.  Everything about the room said "Thanksgiving"
 The dinner itself was presented buffet style in the kitchen and there was so much food! The turkey was so juicy and we learned that Lynn filled it with oranges, apples and lemons before roasting.  The accompanied stuffing and gravy were also superb!
 I didn't know we had Brussels sprouts available on island. 
Here, Clarie roasted them with anchovies and capers.
 Lynn's green beans were sauteed with bacon!
 Of course, no Thanksgiving dinner can go without mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce ~ both amazing!
 I love pumpkin so I really enjoyed both the sauteed squash on the left and the yams with brown sugar and pecans on the right.
 There were 12 of us but of course, we had enough food for many more so we helped ourselves to seconds.
 Everything was perfectly decorated and presented.
 I filled my plate with a bit of everything and I ate it, no problem.
 Here's a view of their home from the dining room, looking into the entrance and living room.
 Russ sat next to Cheryl and Steve and enjoyed catching up on stuff and discussing local politics.
 Meanwhile, Lynn was coordinating the coffee and dessert with her two servers. 
Marilyn baked an incredibly rich, moist and delectable apple cheesecake with cream cheese frosting.  
 We all had such a nice meal.
 My piece was rather large so I couldn't finish it but it was so unique. Lots of apples and pecans with cheesecake in the center.  How clever.
My decaf coffee with lots of foam! It tasted like being at a real coffee house, but with real china. It completed the meal and yes, Russ and I both got up at 5am this morning to do the spin class at the gym. 

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Sean said...

I always enjoy your blogs so much, Kanae. They remind me of the very best parts of the life we had on Saipan. The great friends, the beautiful natural beauty (and the really, really good food!)

Thank you so much for sharing.