Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! - Dinner #3

On Thanksgiving morning, Russ and I went on a mountain bike ride up north. We parked the truck at Coffee Care, which was closed, and then rode to Suicide and back. We intended on heading to all four points but made only one since it was hot and we were running out of water.  It was a nice day with other HOM participants practicing and getting a good ride before the turkey meal.
This year, we went to the Mister's again as they invited a great group of friends. There were about 25 adults and 15 children and we had enough food for two meals.
 We had our first lunch around 3pm and then ate dinner around 7pm. Bruce and Tina made the two turkeys and the rest of us brought side dishes, salads, dessert and drinks.
 We ate at this side table with recliner chairs which was perfect after the big meal.

 The Mister's live down the road from us and they have an amazing view of Lau Lau Bay. To the south, you can see the airport and Tinian.
 And to the north, you can see the Lao Lao Bay Golf Course.
  Before the meal, adults and kids were playing croquet.  Russ was happy that he won a game.
 Our god daughter, Hannah, is now 15 months! She received constant attention from the bigger girls, who played with her throughout the day.
 The Mister's yard goes down two levels so the croquet game was one level one.
 Sometime after lunch, a big rain cloud drifted from north to south and we saw the perfect rainbow!
 We played several indoor games as well including Liar's Dice, Snatch and the kids played Wii.
 Thank you, Tyce & Angie, for opening up your home for another great Thanksgiving!
Russ and I are so thankful for our wonderful family and friends around the globe. 
We are truly rich in love and friendship!

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