Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner #2

 A few weeks ago while Russ and I had our date night at the Hyatt, we ran into one of our Steps kids, Ed & Daisy. They, too, were enjoying their date night so we said that we'd meet up for a night cap at the Naked Fish later that evening. When we arrived, we talked about how long it's been since we spent time together so we scheduled a game night with some of our other Steps kids and that's how we organized Thanksgiving Dinner #2.  The turkey and trimmings dinner, catered by Herman's was delicious! The Mister's also brought a nice cranberry, toasted pecan salad with raspberry vinaigrette to complete the meal.
The Mister's brought their Saucy Charades game so the highlight of the evening was the game.
We split into two teams: women against men and each person took turns gesturing the phrase or word.
There were three levels on each card with a 1 point, 2 point and 3 point phrase or word. The 3 point phrases were much more difficult.
Of course, the women won the game and we laughed a lot watching each other make those ridiculous, crazy gestures.  I have to admit that the men did quite well but JJ made up some of the words on his own, which made the game even more hilarious.  I think we're ready for another round soon.

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