Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forbidden Island

 Last week, the ladies went to Forbidden Island as Melanie was visiting from the Gold Coast.
 The hike took about 30 minutes to go down the hill. The day was perfect ~ nice weather and dry.
 I took this first photo from a small lookout point through the pine trees.
 The second lookout showed more of the beautiful azure waters.

The third photo op was taken when I could finally view Forbidden Island.
 Here's the full view of this beautiful scenic area.

 The view to the south showed some haze as the northern island of Pagan had an earthquake the day before.
 Once we got down to the beach, we could see all the rocks.
 There was one group in the tidepool here but that was it.
 The water was so clear.
 Tina brought down some vienna sausages so the fish really enjoyed eating them.
 Here's Mel.
 Look at the colorful parrot fish at the top right hand corner. This one was swimming all around us.
  Here we were. We really had an enjoyable time visiting Forbidden.
 It was a few years for me but I'd like to return again.

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