Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

There's nothing like celebrating Christmas in the snow. It's magical whether the sun is shining or not. Luckily, we saw blue skies yesterday and today and it's been gorgeous ski conditions as well. We're with the Sinclair's, their Aussie friend Jason, and the Cramer clan from Guam and Houston. We're having so much fun playing, eating, onsening and relaxing!

Tonight, we had our traditional white elephant Christmas gift exchange and the best part was when Peter discovered that we had his favorite 20yr old ski jacket as one of the gifts. His mouth dropped when Jason opened it. Rule #1 was "no crying" so we had to remind Peter of this.

We added one new rule this year. You have to wear the wearable gifts on the slopes tomorrow. This should be great! I'll be wearing a new Kansas City Chiefs cap under my helmet.

Well, we just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all! Thank you to all our friends and family for your love throughout the year. We are forever blessed!

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