Friday, December 28, 2012

Week One in Snow Heaven

We awoke early this morning to view big flakes outside our room window, which is different from the snow that's been falling this week. These snow flakes are hefty, the size of actual corn flakes and it's quite a site. It's amazing how quickly time passes when we're enjoying ourselves on holiday. We've fallen into a good routine: wake up @ 7:30am, breakfast at 8:00am, ski/snowboard, lunch at 1:00pm, ski/snowboard, onsen @ 5:00pm, dinner @ 7:00pm, card or dice game until 10:00 pm. The food is delicious as usual and that is at least 50% of what I love on my holiday.

This is the first year we've stayed at this pension and it is very cozy. There are 9 rooms total and Morio san and his family run the place. Their golden retriever, Muku, is 10 years old and greets us in the entryway or outside in the snow. They open dinner as a crab restaurant in the evenings so we'll need to try it sometime soon. While the room itself is very basic, we can feel at home. And, the location is great.

My shoulder has been acting up a bit with a lot of poling during skiing. So yesterday, Kathryn and I took a day off and headed over to Northwind to hang out with Yoshie. We found a great new restaurant near Senchou which we'll go tonight with our group of 20. We then headed to Kutchan on the bus to the Yotei Maru kaiten (rotary) sushi and ate yummy sushi!

Another thing I'm happy about is my knee. It's been strong and with the knee brace on, I can ski better than I've ever skied before. I can tackle the steep slopes without a problem. Yea!

Time passes by quickly here as daylight is shortened with nightfall coming in at 4:30pm, which signifies night skiing. The food is incredibly delicious and the natural beauty surrounds the landscape with snow capped trees, hills and houses.

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