Monday, January 28, 2013

Italian Dinner & Wine Night

 On Saturday evening, we had our friends over for some Italian food and wine. They all brought wine and a dish to share and we were all impressed with the Rum layer cake that 10 yr old Emma baked. It was really tasty ~ she can be a great chef someday. We invited our neighbors, Ross & Chech, and had a great time with them. 
 Heather made a beautiful rum cake ~ it seemed to be the dessert theme for the evening. We all had a nice time eating great food and playing a fun card game.
It's already January, the first month of the new year. We believe that 2013 will bring many new and exciting adventures.

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Corey Glenn said...

Italian and wine sounds amazing, especially if you’re sharing it with friends! That Rum layer cake really looks impressive and delicious. Any chance of her sharing her recipe? :)

Corey Glenn