Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beach Volleyball Tournament last Saturday

Last Saturday, we took Harley to the beach to swim, play and lounge in sand, one of her favorite activities.
Kids wanted to pet her but she was busy chasing her coconut.
Managaha Island is in the background and the beach looks empty although there were many tourists under the umbrellas as it was Lunar New Year and all the hotels are full!
Harley loves the water and just jumps right in.
She played with friends Emma and Shea as they threw the coconut and she fetched it back and forth.
Russ and Tyce joined forces in the "For the Love of Volleyball" Beach Volleyball Tournament sponsored by the Hyatt. They made it to the finals!
In the finals, they played against Bruce and Chris.
They lost the first game to Bruce and Chris and had to play a second game as Team Mister/Quinn was in the Winner's bracket. For the last point, Russ stretched out and most likely pulled a muscle so he didn't play the final game.
Both teams had substitutes as Chris had to leave for a soccer game so in the end, Tyce and Clay beat Bruce and Jess.  Congratulations to all who played and enjoyed a fun tournament!