Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Creativity Course Complete

 Last October, I started a free online course from Stanford University and completed it in mid December, before our holiday to Japan.  The Course on Creativity joined over 14,000 students from around the globe into a virtual classroom. We had individual and team projects with assignments due on a weekly basis which we posted online.  I enjoyed the class as it allowed me to do something different and accomplish something just for fun.  For the final assignment, we had to post a photo of ourselves with a 6 word description of what we learned in a setting unique to our locale. Russ took my photo just in our backyard which faces Lau Lau Bay and my sign reads, "Permission to think, act, live adventurously!"

Just yesterday, I received my certificate of completion. I'm happy I did it and look forward to finding another course. The world is truly our classroom and we can choose to learn everyday from someone or something.
Our Professor, Tina Seelig always signed her emails with "Creativity Rules!" I need to seek my inner creativity sources in situations to continually grow and learn.

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