Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hot Lunch Fundraiser

 In an effort to earn money for Marriage Encounter, the community organized a fundraiser this week to prepare hot lunches. The menu consisted of fried chicken, pork roast, red rice and coco (pickled papaya).
 Much of the ingredients were donated by the community to save on costs.
 The Atalig's allowed us to use their outdoor kitchen and supplies to prepare the food.
 On Tuesday night, the cartons were labeled, coco packaged into ziploc baggies and chicken marinated.
 The pork roast cooked in these huge vats and they smelled good. Jun knew how to properly prepare the food for 300 lunches! I was so impressed!
 We returned at 3:30am to start cutting the pork, frying the chicken, making the rice and finally, packaging the lunches.
 We had an efficient assembly line system.
 All the food was ready and we packed 324 lunches!
 For $5, the lunches were packed and delivered to offices everywhere on island with a bottle of water. It was a huge and amazing effort and I learned to appreciate how much work it takes to make a meal for over 300! I was most impressed with our ME team who lovingly volunteered their time, efforts and materials to help others experience the next Weekend in April.

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