Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zumba Party!

 Another thing that I've done in the last few months is to become a Zumba instructor. I took the certification class in November when a master instructor visited from New Zealand. On Friday, Gold's hosted the event with two main instructors, Elly and Amy, and had three new instructors: me, Bonnie and Yumi san, who were all brilliant!
 We held the Zumba Dance party out in the parking lot from 5:30 ~ 7:30pm.
 There were regular Zumba members as well as new people taking the class.
An impressive 75 people participated and danced for an hour and a half to fun, upbeat songs. I taught two routines, "Shake Senora" and "Tu Boquito". There were also raffles, including a one year membership to the gym plus food, drinks and lots of energy.  My goal is to start teaching a morning class around 9 or 10am in a month of two. I'll need to choreograph and guest teach more routines in the coming weeks.  Zumba reminds me of my drill team and PIC days when I made up routines on a regular basis.  The joy of dancing is still with me and I'll probably love it forever.

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