Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Dog's Life

There was incessant barking by Butty and Harley the other morning. And, it was close, unlike the usual when they chase the passing cars on the road. Russ went downstairs to check out the commotion and the two were hunting a lone gecko underneath the car. It provided loads of entertainment for them and Russ as he took several photos. When the barking subsided, we figured the gecko escaped or they got bored.

Them two nights ago when we came one at night, we caught a glimpse of Butty and noticed blood on his face and parts of his fur. He had gotten into another fight and lost...again. His severely blunt teeth provide no protection in his defense, unfortunately. We figured his scarred up face makes him unique. He's a fighter, even if he's bad at it. Luckily, the new scar just blends in with the others to create a road map of past losses.

Hopefully, Butty will learn someday.

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