Friday, April 12, 2013

Healthy & Easy Food

Last night, we hosted a dinner for the Warren's and one of the first things Jason mentioned before we ate was all my food shots on Facebook. He said I should create a recipe page for all my dishes. He also noticed that most of the food is vegetarian, which is true. I actually just prefer healthy foods that taste great! If I had to choose between a bowl of fresh Japanese peaches & strawberries and a chocolate fondant cake, I'd opt for the fruit!

I grew up eating healthy because my Mom is an excellent cook and she can just whip up 6 course meals on any given night without referring to recipes. She knows what's good for you and what tastes good.

I don't quite have the culinary skills like Mom so I keep dishes simple. If a dish has too many ingredients and requires too much prep work, I'll usually forgo it. Unlike the Mainland or Japan, you can't just go to a big grocery store and find all your ingredients. If I want to make shabu-shabu for instance, I have to visit at least four stores. It's time consuming and a bit frustrating to shop on island for special meals.

This past week, I tried many types of food using fresh ingredients like cilantro, kale, mangoes, eggplant:
Ginger soy cilantro parrot fish
Tofu avocado cilantro salad
Kale, quinoa, feta bake
Banana mango bread
Almond butter & cranberry potato salad
Mango,avocado, cilantro tomato, jalapeƱo salsa
Babaganoush with tortilla/olive oil pitas

Others I made last night but didn't photograph are:
Kabocha coconut tapioca pudding
Soymilk miso tonjiru with carrots & salmon

Good, healthy food is fun to make and even better to consume! Maybe I'll create a simple recipe book soon.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! I recently applied for a job in Saipan and during my research of the island I came across your blog. As a vegetarian, who occasionally eats fish, it was refreshing to see that I would be able to maintain my diet while on island. Would you mind sharing the recipes?
Additionally, I enjoy the fact that you share your faith on your blog as well. Thanks for taking the time out to share!